Pimientos de piquillo tapa








JAMON SERRANO/Dry cured mountain ham

PIMIENTOS DE PADRON/Baby Galician peppers sauteed in olive oil

TABLA DE IBERICOS/Sliced Iberian salchichon, lomo & chorizo

TABLA DE QUESOS/Cheese board: Manchego, Mahon, Picos

QUESO FRITO/Fried brie with cranberry sauce

QUESO CANARIO CON MOJOS/Grilled goats cheese served with 'mojo' 

ACEITUNAS ALIñADAS/Marinated olives

GAZPACHO/Chilled raw vegetable soup

SOPA DEL DIA/Soup of the day

GUACAMOLE/Avocado dip

esparragos de navarra/White asparagus w/ olive oil & sherry vinegar

BOQUERONES EN VINAGRE/Marinated fresh anchovies

PAN CON AJO or PAN CON TOMATE/Garlic bread OR tomato& garlic bread

PAN Y ACEITE/Bread with extra virgin olive oil



BUÑUELOS DE PESCADO/Cod and crab fishcakes served with guacamole dip 

LANGOSTINOS A LA PLANCHA/Grilled king prawns with lemon, garlic & olive oil

GAMBAS AL AJILLO/Tiger prawns in garlic sauce

ATUN EN SALSA PICANTE/  Tuna with avocado, jalapeño and mango salsa

SARDINAS A LA PLANCHA/Grilled sardines

CHANQUETES/Crispy fried whitebait

CALAMARES A LA PLANCHA/Grilled tender marinated squid

CHIPIRONES EN SU TINTA/Baby squid cooked in wine and its own ink

CALAMARES A LA ROMANA/Crispy fried squid rings in batter

PULPO A LA GALLEGA/Tender octopus flavoured with paprika & olive oil

CROQUETAS DE BACALAO/Salted cod croquettes with coriander sauce

PAELLA/Traditional rice dish with chicken & seafood

REVUELTO DE GULAS/Baby eels in scrambled egg with artichokes & red peppers 



NACHOS VERACRUZ/Chilli beef with tortilla chips and toppings

CROQUETAS DE JAMON/Ham croquettes with 'romesco' sauce

CROQUETAS DE CORDERO/Spicy lamb croquettes flavoured with coriander

CROQUETAS DE POLLO/Chicken croquettes with basil mayonaise

CHORIZO AL VINO/Spicy sausage in wine sauce

HIGADOS DE POLLO SALTEADOS/Chicken livers sautéed in olive oil & sherry

ALBONDIGAS A LA BILBAINA/Meatballs in carrot & wine sauce

CORDERO AL CHILINDRON/Grilled lamb with spicy 'chilindron' sauce

DELICIAS DE LOMO/Pork fillets stuffed with gruyere cheese

CONEJO AL SALMOREJO CANARIO/Canary island style rabbit in spicy wine sauce 

FILLOA RELLENA DE POLLO Y ESPINACA/Pancake filled with chicken & spinach

FABADA ASTURIANA/White bean stew with pancetta, chorizo & black pudding

DELICIAS DE POLLO/Fillets of chicken filled with brie & ham

CARNE DE TERNERA STOGSNOFF/Beef stroganoff served with rice, mushrooms & sundried tomatoes                            


ENSALADA VERDE o MIXTA/Green salad or Mixed salad


BERENGENAS RELLENOS/Rolls of aubergine with cheese & basil

ESPARRAGOS A LA CATALANA/Green asparagus with alioli and parmesan cheese    

ALCACHOFAS AL ALIOLI/Stuffed artichokes with alioli dip

CRISPES DE ESPINACAS/Crispy fried spinach cakes

GARBANZOS COMPUESTOS/Chickpea, spinach & cumin stew

CHAMPIñONES RELLENOS/Baked stuffed mushrooms 

BATATAS FRITAS CON SALSA DULCE/Sweet potato 'fries' with red pepper sauce

TORTILLA ESPAÑOLA/Potato and onion omelette

PATATAS BRAVAS/Our spicy potatoes are baked, not fried

PATATAS FRITAS CON ALIOLI/Homemade chunky chips with alioli dip

ARROZ BLANCO/Plain basmati rice